As an innovative, future-focused industry leader, Allied Metals enjoys a commanding position in the markets we serve. We are a global supplier of high-purity, low carbon steel and stainless steel melt stock, and maintain large product inventories to serve customers throughout North America, Europe and the Far East. Consequently, we offer worldwide, one-day shipment of materials that have been prepared and packaged to customer specifications.

Our products are used to make a wide variety of alloys that must meet extremely high product performance requirements for use in advanced engineering systems. These systems operate in a variety of high temperature and corrosive atmospheres, most notably in aerospace manufacturing and the entire spectrum of oil and gas exploration, refining, distribution, transportation and energy storage.

Ours is a tightly integrated operation, with a significant presence – including processes, people and products – in every market around the world. Consequently, we are well informed about technologies taking place in every important corner of the globe every day and how they can affect our industry, and our business.

After more than 60 years, we continue to meet our customers’ expectations for quality, responsiveness, delivery, consistency, responsibility and depth of inventory. And we look forward to having the opportunity to do the same for you. Please call or email us today to learn how we can support all of your melt stock requirements.