Our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System assures that our products always meet specification. Allied Metals guarantees chemical analyses with state-of-the-art optical omission spectrometers and Leco Determinators. We test for 23 elements, including nitrogen and oxygen. All materials are documented and traceability is always maintained.


Our EFP 14K comes with guaranteed chemistry. Its high density provides excellent coupling, reduced melt time, reduced energy cost, and requires minimal storage space. Like the Iron Cathode, it is also suited for producing low carbon stainless steel, non-magnetic and heat resistant castings, and magnetic alloys. This product is free of sharp or jagged edges, and their uniform size promotes ease in handling.

Form & Sizing:

127 mm (5”) and 203 mm (8”) x 25-76 mm (1-3”) thick


Packaged according to individual requirements


All Regions