Form & Sizing:  Sized to customer specification 150 mm (6”) by down or 50 mm (2”) by down, 3 mm (1/8”) minimum thickness
Packaging:  Packaged according to individual requirements
Availability:  The Americas, Europe

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Our 1010 punchings are segregated and tested to insure adherence according to grade, size, and density.  Material is then washed, dried, and packaged to protect the integrity of the product. It is suitable for the production of a broad range of low alloys and stainless steel produced in induction furnaces and vacuum induction furnaces.   It is also a highly efficient free flowing coolant, or as cover punchings in the production of ductile iron. 

Our large inventory allows us to offer form, sizing, and chemistry options to meet your melting requirements. The high density and cleanliness of our material reduces smoke, allowing for fewer inclusions and less porosity. Furthermore, our washing and drying processes ensure material is free of all contamination. Allied Metals guarantees product chemistry to our customers’ specifications. AISI 1006/1010 (EN DIN C6/C10) and 1018/1020 (EN DIN C15/C20) are also available upon request. 

As with all of our products, we are ISO certified.