The Integrity of these highly engineered systems – their Strength and Efficiency -is directly related to the extremely High Purity of the products we sell.

Superalloys are integral to the development, design and manufacture of increasingly sophisticated components and systems found at the heart of the aerospace industry. High temperature and corrosion resistance, optimal performance as well as cost and operational efficiency are among the defining factors determining optimal performance.  Our products play a central role in the development and application of a variety of these alloys.

Our products are required to meet the optimal performance demanded in the combustion and compression chambers of jet engines, wing mechanical actuation systems, as well as landing gear and brakes. In fact, virtually every jet airplane manufactured around the world — private, commercial and military — includes critical components manufactured containing our products in their composition.

As the future of flight unfolds, we look forward to playing an increasingly valuable role in the development of aircraft components that will meet tomorrow’s challenges.