Electrolytic Iron Powder (99.0% – 99.8% Iron) is produced through a complex electrochemical refining process ensuring uniform chemical composition and tight particle size distributions. Our Electrolytic Iron Powder can be used in a wide range of applications including ground-water & soil remediation (Electrolytic Zero Valent Iron Powder delivers enhanced reactivity), powder magnetic cores, high-purity chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, oxygen absorbers, paints/pigments, surface coating applications, additive manufacturing, metal injection molding, non-destructive testing, and more. Differentiating our iron powders from others, the material we supply is not reprocessed from secondary or recycled sources and contains virtually no traces of oil, grease, or other detrimental compounds.

Form & Sizing:  100 – Mesh, 200 – Mesh, 300 – Mesh, 400 – Mesh, 500 – Mesh, Ultrafine (D50 of ≤ 10 Micron)
Annealing & Custom Sizing Available Upon Request
Please inquire
Availability:  The Americas, Europe