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             Ultra-High Purity Low Gas Ultra-High Purity
Analysis (%)GuaranteedTypicalGuaranteedTypical
C0.004< 0.0030.003< 0.002
S0.002< 0.0010.002< 0.0005
N0.003< 0.0020.0010≤ 0.0005
O0.0250.01500.0150< 0.0150
Mn0.0020< 0.00100.001< 0.0005
Si0.001< 0.00050.001< 0.0005

Through innovative manufacturing processes, strict quality control practices, and years of development, Allied Metals is proud to produce the highest quality Electrolytic Iron available across the globe. Complex electrochemical purification allows for the removal of deleterious elements in order to achieve purity levels of up to 99.99% (4N) iron. Perhaps equally as important as purity is the high level of uniformity that our Electrolytic Iron offers, which is a result of the advanced production methods used to engineer it.

In addition to our Standard Ultra-High Purity Grade, we also produce a Low Gas Ultra-High Purity Grade which is further refined to remove gaseous impurities such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur, and Carbon. While the high purity of our Electrolytic Iron allows the material to meet most chemical requirements, we can often produce material to your individual specification. Furthermore, we have the capability to produce Electrolytic Iron in various sizes and thicknesses. Our expertise in the production of this material allows us to accommodate most customer-specific requirements upon request.

Form & Sizing: Flakes
Packaging: Packaged according to individual requirements
Availability: All Regions