About 75% of our output is consumed by builders of advanced engineering systems, most notably aerospace and energy systems.

Every component industry within the entire energy category must deal with three ongoing issues everyday—high temperatures, corrosive atmospheres, and the never-ending need for increased efficiency. Our products play critical roles in the development and manufacture of alloys required for the equipment and technologies that use high-performance alloys to meet these challenges. Liquid fuels including oil, gasoline, and liquified natural gas are refined, transported and stored using pipe-lines, pumps, and tanks that must withstand these punishing conditions. Our products are put to use in all of these environments every day.

Power Generation produced by steam, gas turbines or combined cycle require high alloyed engineered components to meet operational demands. These land based turbines, like their flying jet engine counterparts, utilize our products in these alloys to meet those demands.

Clearly, energy exploration, extraction, generation, distribution, transportation and storage represent exciting growth opportunities for the future of our industries, environment, and the world we live in.