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Synchrotron magnet from a cyclic particle accelerator

Performance of complex technologies are directly influenced by the properties of the high purity products we supply to engineer them.

In high energy physics, the medical industry, or manufacturing of industrial equipment, the properties of raw materials directly influence the performance of the technologies they are used to engineer. ALLIEDPUREIRON® products are used where enhanced efficiency, consistency, and dependability of high-performance technologies are critical.

The magnetic properties of iron and steel are influenced by the absence of carbon, as well as other deleterious elements, and additional alloying elements they contain, as well as the process used to refine and produce them. The exceptionally high purity and unique method of production allow ALLIEDPUREIRON® products to exhibit outstanding magnetic performance.

In high energy physics, ALLIEDPUREIRON® products are used as core, yoke, and pole pieces for magnets, including superconducting and permanent magnet assemblies. These products are also critical for construction of particle accelerators, as well as for magnetic shielding material of beamlines and the critical components they house. In the medical industry, ALLIEDPUREIRON® products are used in the magnets of linear accelerators and their magnetic shielding, including for the magnetic shielding of MRI enclosures. Our products are also found in magnetic brake/clutch systems, DC relays, and shielding of power cables.

The development of such technologies presents an exciting opportunity for Allied Metals in cooperation with engineering companies around the world. As the next generation of medical equipment, synchrotron light sources, colliders, other particle accelerators are developed, we look forward to playing an integral role in these global innovations.